Norton Barn Farm


All ewes are sired with the best conformation Texel rams that can be bought locally. Texel are the butchers choice for taste and succulent very lean meat.

The lambs are fed on only the best feed and forage to produce a consistent quality and taste throughout the year.

Texel is a breed of sheep originally from the island of Texel in the Netherlands. It is now the most popular terminal sire in the UK to produce butchers lambs.

Our feeding process is very specific. From mid January the sheep are fed on grass and quality supplementary feed which produces succulent spring lamb from Easter to summer.

From Easter the sheep are fed on grass chicory and clover leys and from autumn stubble turnips, which produces excellent tasting lamb for autumn and winter.

All lambs are born and reared to the highest welfare standards under the SAI Global Red Tractor Farm Assurance Lamb Standard.